Thursday, June 4, 2009


I just completed Chuck Palahniuk's latest book Pygmy and I was pretty satisfied
I'm a huge fan of Chuck's, I have read every one of his books and Choke is one of my favorite books. Most people know him from his book fight club-also a movie directed by David Fincher. I am addicted to his work. His imagery is fantastic along with his sick and twisted imagination. I find myself highlighting, doggy-ear-ing and reading sentences over and over again. I love his books and can't get enough of them.
In Pygmy, a group of terrorists in an unknown country pose as foreign exchange students in a plot to destroy corrupt, evil and fat America. Although a difficult read because the book is writtten from the terrorists perspective-and the english is terrible. It was worth it, though. At times I felt embarrassed when he would point out the flaws in our country, but then could only agree. Other times it seemed like I was getting a peek into another way of life and I liked it. No his best work in my opinion, but still a great read. I give it a 8.9.

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