Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dual Major

So i officially have a dual major-Art Education.  I planned on getting a certificate when I got out of CCS, but I decide it would be easier (and a whole lot cheaper) to do it now, even if it is an extra year of studying.  
I can recall when I was in school how much of an influence my art teachers had on me.  The best teacher makes all the difference.  But I feel as a product designer that art teachers focus WAY too  much on crafts, illustration and fine arts.  I never once had a teacher tell me that I could design products.  There is the notion that one has to be a "starving artist" in order to even enjoy making art.  All of it is pure BS!
I hope that if I do one day decide to be an art teacher I let my students know THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STARVE TO BE AN ARTIST-THERE IS HOPE!! I hope to encourage them to explore more art careers than just fine arts and crafts.  I wish someone had told me about product design before I came here and I hope that if I do teach that my students have the realization I did when I cam to CCS; there is hope as an artist.

griffin bicycle helmet project

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

stanley cup

Th Red Wings put up a good fight, but fell short to the Penguins.  Although I'm a huge Red Wings fan I have to say congrats on a job well done by the Penguins.  They played well on both defense and offense and took advantage of every opportunity.  Job well done to both teams

Saturday, June 6, 2009

latest sketches

Camping Car sketches

these are some sketches that I did in the car on the way to the cabin.  Cut me some slack, though, I was riding in a car!!

Detroit Zoo sketches

awhile back I went to the Detroit Zoo with my friend Andrew. It was a great time and the animals were fascinating.  Here are some very quick and very, very rough sketches from that day. Enjoy!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I just completed Chuck Palahniuk's latest book Pygmy and I was pretty satisfied
I'm a huge fan of Chuck's, I have read every one of his books and Choke is one of my favorite books. Most people know him from his book fight club-also a movie directed by David Fincher. I am addicted to his work. His imagery is fantastic along with his sick and twisted imagination. I find myself highlighting, doggy-ear-ing and reading sentences over and over again. I love his books and can't get enough of them.
In Pygmy, a group of terrorists in an unknown country pose as foreign exchange students in a plot to destroy corrupt, evil and fat America. Although a difficult read because the book is writtten from the terrorists perspective-and the english is terrible. It was worth it, though. At times I felt embarrassed when he would point out the flaws in our country, but then could only agree. Other times it seemed like I was getting a peek into another way of life and I liked it. No his best work in my opinion, but still a great read. I give it a 8.9.

camping trip