Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dual Major

So i officially have a dual major-Art Education.  I planned on getting a certificate when I got out of CCS, but I decide it would be easier (and a whole lot cheaper) to do it now, even if it is an extra year of studying.  
I can recall when I was in school how much of an influence my art teachers had on me.  The best teacher makes all the difference.  But I feel as a product designer that art teachers focus WAY too  much on crafts, illustration and fine arts.  I never once had a teacher tell me that I could design products.  There is the notion that one has to be a "starving artist" in order to even enjoy making art.  All of it is pure BS!
I hope that if I do one day decide to be an art teacher I let my students know THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STARVE TO BE AN ARTIST-THERE IS HOPE!! I hope to encourage them to explore more art careers than just fine arts and crafts.  I wish someone had told me about product design before I came here and I hope that if I do teach that my students have the realization I did when I cam to CCS; there is hope as an artist.


Joseph _M said...

Wow I totally agree about influential teachers. I had one myself that helped me realize I could be paid to do something I love. I must say your work is very impressive. Keep up the good work

amyers said...

thanks! I checked out ur stuff too, it looks awesome!!